Marinated Beef Abomasum/Large Intestine 227g

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Grilled/Stir-Fried Intestines delicacy enjoyed by Koreans especially while drinking soju. It is high in iron and vitamins and has a characteristic flavor and a chewy yet palatable texture. When grilled, it is usually done on a hot skillet in open flames with vegetables such as onions, garlic, green onions, mushrooms and Korean hot peppers. Popular dipping sauce for this dish is a mixture of sesame oil and salt.

[Marinated Beef Large Intestine 227g]
It's chewy and savory It's a really delicious tripe!
Raise the tripe and cook it while rolling it when it is bent. And cut it when it's golden and firm.
If the cross-section is reddish when cut, it is still undercooked.
Of course, you shouldn't cut your hair here because it gets smaller.
After cutting it, you can stand the beef tripe and grill it until it's golden brown on both sides.
Cut it into just the right size, grill it, and dip it in sesame oil. It's so good

[Marinated Beef Abomasum; Makchang 227g]
The makchang of a famous restaurant!
It's made with a recipe for a good restaurant and good quality makchang.
Now enjoy it at home.
Good combination of meat and special sauce!
It's a slightly stimulating and mysteriously
Please try it with cheese, etc. as you like.

[양념 쇠고기 대창 227g]
쫄깃쫄깃하고 고소하니~ 정말 맛있게 먹는 대창!
대창을 올리고 구부러지면 굴려가면서 익혀주세요. 그리고 노릇하고 탱탱해졌을 때에 잘라주세요.
잘랐을 때에 단면이 붉은 기가 있다면 아직 덜 익은 상태입니다.
물론 여기서 머리를 자르면 안 되는데 그 이유는 작아지기 때문입니다.
잘라주시고 나면 대창을 세워서 양면을 노릇하게 구워서 드시면 된답니다.

적당한 크기로 잘라 그대로 구워 참기름장에 찍어 너무 맛있쬬~

[양념 쇠고기 막창 227g]
줄서는 맛집의 그 막창!
맛집의 비법 레시피와 좋은 품질의 막창으로 만들었습니다.
이제 집에서 맛있게 즐겨보세요.
좋은 원육과 특제 양념의 조화!
은근히 자극적이면서 묘~하게 중독되는 맛입니다
기호에 따라 치즈 등과 함께 드셔보세요.

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