Ponytail Radish Chonggak Kimchi 22LB (1kg)

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[Made in Gangwon-do, Korea] Ponytail Radish Chonggak Kimchi 22LB, 1kg

Chonggak kimchi is appreciated for the a small variety of white radish with long leafy stems. that perfectly complement the spicy chili paste. Chonggak kimchi is usually served as banchan - a traditional Korean side dish. Made in Gangwon-do, Korea, the cleanest area in the alpine region.

Daega food (Dong Gang)
Our agricultural company corporation Daega food Co., Ltd. place "Yeongwol", "Jeongseon", "Pyeongchang" Is the main Plantation of korea cabbage and is shipped from June to October.

What is Kimchi?
Kimchi is quintessentially Korean, and no Korean dish is complete without a side of the spicy, fermented vegetables. Kimchi is now well-loved across the world and has been found making its way onto burgers, tacos, and even in pasta dishes. Its versatility, bold addition to any recipe, and probiotic gut-health benefits make it a healthy, delicious staple.

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