"BERKSHIRE" Sliced Pork Belly

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"BERKSHIRE" Sliced Pork Belly 1.5"(2 lbs) / 10mm (1 lb)

What is Berkshire Pig? A special breed of black pig that is more succulent with a distinctive flavor. The meat from Berkshire hogs is redder than conventional pork, somewhat sweeter and laced with intramuscular fat, which makes it more tender and juicy. This is pork the way it’s supposed to be. Once you try Berkshire pork, you will have a hard time going back to that ‘other white meat’.

Simply cook on a grill or frying pan and season with salt and pepper for that simple and savory barbecue. Pair with your favorite vegetables, salad and sauce for added satisfaction.Berkshire pork, prized for juiciness, flavour, and tenderness, is pink-hued and heavily marbled. Its high fat content makes it suitable for long cooking and high-temperature cooking. The meat also has a slightly higher pH, according to food science professor Kenneth Prusa of Iowa State University. Increased pH makes the meat darker, firmer, and more flavourful. High pH is a greater determinant than fat content in the meat's overall flavour characteristics


돼지고기의 황제 "Berkshire(버크셔 흑돼지) 입고!

삼겹살 구이용 2파운드
삼겹살 통구이용 및 수육용 2파운드 
버크셔 돼지고기는 육즙이 풍부하고 특유의 향이 입맛을 돋구는 흑돼지입니다. 일반돼직 고기보다 붉은 색을 나타내고, 달큰한 맛을 냅니다. 마블링이 적절히 있어 부드러운 식감을 느끼실 수 있어, 한 번도 안 먹어본 사람은 있어도 한 번만 먹어본 사람은 없다고 소문난 품종의 돼지고기. 소금과 후추로 간을 하면 가장 완벽하게 맛보실 수 있습니다.

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