Grilled Hwangtae Seasoning 300g (Hwangtae 35cm x 2 + 2 Sauces)

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[Hwangtae Jongga Food] Ahn Young-sook Hwangtae Seasoning Grilled 300g (Hwangtae 35cm x 2  + Suace 70g x 2)

*Frozen food * Delivery to LA and OC only*

Grilled dried pollack is made with dried pollack from Yongdae-ri, Inje.
Grilled dried pollack is prepared directly by Yongdae-ri and serves delicious and light dried pollack.
One dried pollack was simply frozen before it was made It's not a repetition of melting, it's a tricky climate that needs to be tailored.
It snows a lot, so you can't freeze too hard, and even if you get rained on, you can't call it dried pollack.
That's how Yongdae-ri's dried pollack went in.

*There are two dried pollack in one pack.
The dried dried pollack was trimmed and first punished, and then aged by applying seasoning twice.
*If you open it for the first time, it may look like one, but it will be separated by hand from the side after defrosting.


[황태종가식품] 안영숙 황태 양념구이 300g(황태 약 35cm 2미 + 양념장 70g 2개) *냉동냉장 식품 *LA와 OC지역만 배송가능*

황태 양념구이는 인제 용대리의 황태로 만듭니다.
안영숙의 황태 양념 구이는 용대리에서 직접 손질하여 맛있고 담백한 황태를 선사하고 있습니다.
하나의 황태가 만들어지기 이해서는 단순히 얼었다 녹았다를 반복하는 것이 아니라 까다로운 기후가 맞춰져야 합니다.
많은 눈이 내려 너무 꽁꽁 얼어도 안되고, 비를 맞아도 황태로 불릴 수 없습니다.
그렇게 하늘이 말린 용대리의 황태가 들어갔습니다.

*한 팩에 황태 2마리가 담겨있습니다.
잘 말린 황태를 손질하여 초벌한 후 2번의 양념을 발라서 숙성하였습니다.
*처음 개봉하시면 1마리처럼 보일수 있지만 해동 후 옆면부터 손으로 떼내시면 분리됩니다.

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