About Omona


Omona (어머나) is a Korean expression for displaying surprise; it is similar to "oh my," "my goodness," "oh," or "oh my God",  expression of surprise.

Sounds like: uh muh nah


Life as an immigrant...

Meant relearning a culture, people and a new life. However, throughout this turbulent period of my life, I was always comforted by the piece of home I brought with me in my cooking. With just a taste of these traditional Korean recipes, I could be taken back to my childhood dinner table in my hometown.

However, in my travels across the states, I saw that there was no easy way for people to share that same experience in their homes. I sampled Korean BBQ from countless local and regional markets and distributors, but they failed to capture that authentic taste and flavor of true Korean BBQ at home.

Frustrated with the market’s poor offerings, I perfected my own Korean BBQ recipe over the last two decades. Now I share the recipe to you, made with only high-quality meat and healthy ingredients, for delicious “Galbi” and “Bulgogi” you can make right at home.

“OMONA” is my life’s passion and joy. I want to provide the best product to Korean BBQ lovers all over the world. If you have even the tiniest question, please reach out to us. Hope you enjoy!

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