Chungcheong Sanghoe Raw Perilla Oil 300ml

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[Chungcheong Sanghoe] Raw Perilla Oil 300ml

Chungcheong Sanghoe sesame oil/domestic sesame oil/domestic sesame oil with patented proprietary roasting technology.
It preserves the taste and aroma of savory sesame seeds and roasts them healthily without generating benzopyrene.

It is difficult to select, wash, and milk low-temperature compression under 100 degrees Celsius to maintain the optimal savory, taste, and nutrition.
Chungcheong Sanghoe sesame oil is low-temperature compression method sesame oil.

It is a clean domestic sesame oil that can be made in a hygienic facility certified by HAEB and can be trusted and eaten with confidence. Pure sesame oil without antioxidants (chemical additives)
Baby Sesame Oil, which is good for making baby food.


충청상회 냉압착 생들기름 300ml

충청상회 참기름/국산참기름/국내산참기름은 특허받은 독자개발 로스팅기술로

고소한 참깨의 맛과 향은 살리고 벤조피렌 발생없이 건강하게 로스팅해요.

국산 통참깨를 까다롭게 선별,세척,100도이하에서 저온압착 착유해 최적의 고소함,맛,영양을 유지해요.
충청상회 참기름은 저온압착공법 참기름~

해썹인증받은 위생적인 시설에서 만들어 안심하고 믿고 먹을수 있는 깨끗한 국내산참기름이에요. 산화방지제(화학첨가물)이 없는 순수한 참기름으로 이유식제작에 좋은 이유식참기름,아기참기름이에요.

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