4 Specialty Buckwheat Products

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- [Gangwon-do] Bongpyeong-chon Buckwheat Noodle Soup 850g
- [Gangwon-do] Bongpyeong-chon Buckwheat Soba (with sauce) 600g
- [Gangwon-do] Gangwon-do Bongpyeong-chon Buckwheat Noodles 500g
- [Gangwon-do] Gangwon-do Bongpyeong-chon Potato Noodles 1kg (Roll Type)

Bongpyeong Farm is growing on the basis of honest buckwheat grown with the energy of the soil that cares for the infinite vitality.

Bongpyeong Nongwon, a company that is honest and honest, is a specialized buckwheat manufacturing and distribution company that has been steadily growing based on buckwheat, a non-polluting natural food, for over 20 years. It is produced under strict hygiene and systematic quality control in a directly managed factory.