Bellflower Concentrate 150g

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[Gangwon-do] Mountain Valley Farm Bellflower Branch 150g

Homemade and grown bellflower branch

Bellflower is rich in saponin, inulin, dietary fiber and minerals. Pesticides on the roots are not easily removed, so you must check whether they are pesticide-free or not. Feel the deep sincerity and taste of bellflower grown 100% domestically with no pesticides for more than 3 years.

Contains non-pesticide-free bellflower more than 3 years old, rich in saponins.

Bellflower grown cleanly without pesticides for more than 3 years goes through selection, washing, cutting, and low-temperature processes for about 24 hours. After that, boil the dried bellflower for 24 hours and then boil it for 24 hours, then drink the bellflower blue prepared by refining and concentrating the nutrients of the bellflower as it is, or pour it into honey and eat it.