Boiled Shiraegi & Gondre 300g [2 bundles, 3 packs each, 6 packs in total]

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- [Gangwon-do] Boiled Shiraegi 300g *3 packs (can be stored at room temperature)
- [Gangwon-do] Boiled Gondree 300g *3 packs (can be stored at room temperature)

Freeze-dried product
It is an innovative product that solves the inconvenient cooking process when cooking dried vegetables, and can be used immediately by immersing it in water for about 30 seconds without the hassle of boiling and washing. There are Gondre and Chwinamul Shiraegi products.

We use eco-friendly agricultural products.
In order to preserve the environment and provide safer agricultural products to consumers, we use agricultural products produced with no or minimal amount of chemical materials such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers and feed additives.

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