Daegwallyeong Snow Village Hwangtae Powder & Hwangtae Cube [2 Pieces Bundle]

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The Crown Prince of Daegwallyeong Snow Village, insisting on only pollack from the Bering Sea

The majority of pollack entering Korea is from the Sea of Okhotsk, which gives permission to catch pollack with pollack roe. On the other hand, in the Bering Sea, it was impossible to catch pollock with cod roe. In other words, you can catch pollock only during the non-spawning season. Therefore, the Bering Sea pollock, which cannot be obtained from cod roe, is much richer in protein and essential fat, and has a thick flesh and tastes good.

The best place to dry yellow pollack! Daegwallyeong Hwang Tae-deokjang

Daegwallyeong Snow Village Hwangtae only handles delicious and high-quality Hwangtae that was born in the midwinter snow and wind at Daegwallyeong Hwangtaedeokjang, located at 700ml above sea level, which is said to be a good place for people to live.