Dried radish green ready to eat 50g (2 pack)

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Dried radish green ready to eat 50g (2 pack)

Dry dried radish leaves, good to store, but the unique smell, tough texture, and long cooking time were uncomfortable, right?
It is a product that is dried by kneading dried radish leaves once boiled at an appropriate temperature.
It maintains the unique taste and flavor of dried radish greens as much as possible, minimizes loss of ingredients, and makes cooking simple and easy.


청정양구애 바로해먹는 시래기 50g (2EA)

건조 시래기, 보관하기는 좋지만 특유의 냄새, 질긴 식감, 오랜 조리시간 불편하셨죠?
한번 삶은 시래기를 적절한 온도에서 덖어 건조한 제품입니다.
시래기 고유의 맛과 풍미를 최대한 유지하고, 성분 손실을 최소화 하는 것은 물론, 간편하고 손쉽게 조리할 수 있습니다.

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