[Gangwon-do] Donggangmaru Tea

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[Gangwon-do] Donggangmaru Tea

Our produce is carefully prepared and tastes the best! Nutrition is the best!

In the fertile territory of Yeongwol, where the clear and clean Donggang River flows, with the bright dew of the dawn, the bright sunlight, and the cool breeze, 100% Korean agricultural products produced with the hands of a simple farmer are carefully prepared.

The taste is also the best (Maru)! Nutrition is the best!

It is the desire of the ardent producer to always bring the best to your table.

Yeongwol is a place where the Donggang River, a treasure trove of natural beauty, flows leisurely, and where the spirit of the wandering poet Kim Satgat and the love of Danjong resides!

We only provide food containing the mountains, fields, wind, and water of Yeongwol.

"We are making honest, scientific, systematic, and preventative management systems that make safe and reliable food with domestic agricultural products produced in the fertile soil of Yeongwol, where the clear and clean Donggang River flows."