Gondre Soybean Paste Soup (10g X 5ea) 2 Packs

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Gondre Soybean Paste Soup, Quick and Easy Korean Wild Thistle Gondeure, Freeze Drying Gondre, 50g (10g X 5ea) 2 Packs, Block type Individual packaging

  • Easy Recipe Just put a this block in hot water, and you'll have a gondre soybean paste soup with a delicious and hearty flavor!
  • Korean Food (K-food) Freeze-dried Korean gondre with the flavor and taste as it is.
  • For Travel and Camping You can enjoy warm doenjang soup conveniently outdoors
  • HMR (Home Meal Replacement) It is convenient for small packages and room. temperature storage in block form for one person!
  • Freeze-drying (Lyophilization) In a state-of-the-art factory certified by HACCP, it is rapidly frozen at -40 degrees Celsius to keep the nutrients, texture, and flavor of the product. It is made a block to can be stored at room temperature.