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*If you order 9AM every Monday, we deliver/store pick up on Thursday

*The menu changes every Thursday (11/7 ~ 11/11)

It's a large enough set of side dishes for a family of four adults / 4-5 services

It's a set menu for families with children We cook and deliver the soup or stew that your husband likes, the main side dishes that mothers like, and the side dishes that children like, without using condiments, on different menus every week.

-Beef bone soup (kal bui tang)

- Canned tuna kimchi stew

- Braised house tofu

- Stir fried Korean zucchini with salted shrimp

- Sauteed seaweed

- Braised pollocks with house made sauce


*매주 월요일 오전 9AM 주문시,돌아오는주 목요일 집앞으로 배달 or 픽업 

*매주 목요일마다 메뉴가 바뀝니다

4~5인용 대가족용/4~5 serving
성인 4인 가족이 드시기 충분한 대용량 반찬 세트입니다.

소 갈비탕

- 참치 김치찌개

- 두부 조림

- 호박 새우젓 볶음

- 한국산 파래무침

- 건강한 코다리 조림

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