Soup Series [3 Types - Soybean Paste Soup, Seaweed Soup, Yellow Thai Soup]

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- [Gangwon-do] Hoeng Seong Mak - Hwangtae Shiraegi Doenjang Soup 80g (10g*8 Bags)
- [Gangwon-do] Hoeng Seong Mak - Hwangtae Seaweed Soup 80g (10g*8 Bags)
- [Gangwon-do] Hoeng Seong Mak - Sunny Yellow Thai 88g (11g*8bags)

Naturally Dried Hwangtae Duckjang.
A clean natural environment free from automobile exhaust, scattering of talcium chloride in winter, and fine dust.
The northwest wind from Maehwasan Mountain in Chiakjuneung and the strong wind from the Jucheongang provide the optimum wind for drying the yellow crown.
To prevent the source of pollution that may come in when it snows, a barrier is installed and Hwangtae is produced inside the house.
Hoengseongmari Hwangtae freezes and thaws repeatedly for 4 months, and finally, low-salt, high-quality Hwangtae is born.
We are doing our best for thorough hygiene and quality control to make safe food.
[Radiation test, sulfur dioxide test, aluminum phosphide test, bacteria test, heavy metal test (lead, water temperature, cadmium)]