[Our Wheat] Our Wheat Cracker Time 74g

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[Our Wheat] Our Wheat Cracker Time 74g

Organic sugar, Korean butter, and Korean brown rice milk!

Crackers with a great flavor, excluding any unnecessary additives other than carefully selected high-quality ingredients

Ingredients and contents

Flour 66.87% (wheat, pesticide-free domestic), sugar 10.96% (organic), micromilk (domestic), butter 6.57% (domestic), battery formula (domestic), roasted salt (domestic), milk (domestic), expander (ammonium carbonate), omi powder (meb rice, brown rice, glutinous rice, germinated rice, pure corn, pure water, pure water, corn, pure water


[우리밀] 우리밀 크래커 타임 74g

유기농 설탕과 국산 버터, 국산 현미유까지!

엄선한 고급 원료 외에 불필요한 첨가물은 일절 배제해 훌륭한 풍미의 크래커


성분 및 함량

밀가루66.87%(밀, 무농약 국산), 설탕10.96%(유기농), 현미유(국산), 버터6.57%(국산), 전지분유(국산), 구운소금(국산), 우유(국산), 팽창제(탄산수소암모늄), 오미분말(멥쌀, 현미, 흑미, 찹쌀, 발아현미:국산), 알파콘씨(옥수수, 국산), 생이스트, 혼합제제(효모추출물, 프로테아제, 순무씨유, 덱스트린)

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