Powder Product Bundle [Buckwheat Pancake Powder, Perilla Powder, Raw Soybean Powder, Mung Bean Powder, Potato Pancake Flour]

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  • [Gangwon-do] Donggangmaru Buckwheat Pancake Powder 500g (100% domestic buckwheat)
  • [Gangwon-do] Donggangmaru Raw Soybean Powder 500g (100% domestic soybean)
  • [Gangwon-do] Donggangmaru Perilla Powder 250g 
  • [Gangwon-do] Donggangmaru Mung Bean Powder 500g (100% domestic mung bean)
  • [Gangwon-do] Bongpyeong-chon Potato Pancake Powder 800g


Bongpyeong Farm is growing on the basis of honest buckwheat grown with the energy of the soil that cares for the infinite vitality.

Bongpyeong Nongwon, a company that is honest and honest, is a specialized buckwheat manufacturing and distribution company that has been steadily growing based on buckwheat, a non-polluting natural food, for over 20 years. It is produced under strict hygiene and systematic quality control in a directly managed factory.