Premium Red Ginseng Concentrate Ginseno 25 240g

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6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Concentrate

[Gangwon-do] Gangwon Ginseng Nonghyup Premium Red Ginseng Concentrate Ginseno 25 -240g

*Premium Red Ginseng Extract Ginseno25 (Korean Red Ginseng Extract Ginseno25)
It is a 100% product of Gangwon-do 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate contract grown, processed and distributed by Gangwon Ginseng Agricultural Cooperatives. It has 6 major functions of red ginseng by satisfying 25mg of ginsenoside per daily intake (3g).

*Health functional food manufacturer "Gangwon Ginseng Nonghyup"
After the Gangwon-do region was announced as a red ginseng cultivation area on October 6, 1970, ginseng farms in Gangwon-do have steadily expanded so far, and ginseng has become a high-income crop for farmers in the province. Gangwon-do is emerging as Korea's largest ginseng plantation site for red ginseng raw materials as the planned ginseng cultivation area in Gyeonggi-do, which has been cultivated, is depleted.

* "Efficacy of ginseng" revealed by modern science
- Diabetes Prevention
-Immune boost
-Anticancer effect and cancer prevention effect
-Improve blood circulation and control blood pressure
-Improvement of menopausal symptoms
-Anti-fatigue, anti-stress
-Improve cognitive function
-Enhance energy
- hangover relief