Stir-Fried Hwangtae Gochujang 500g

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[Gangwon-do] Hwangtae Jongga Hwangtae Stir-fried Red Pepper Paste 500g

"Hwangtae that is good for the body and tastes good"

The reason why Koreans like to eat pollack is because it is low in oil and has a light and cool taste that suits our appetite well. Gangwon-do is the hometown of the emperor, who is said to be descending from the sky. Daegwallyeong and Jinburyeong are the places where the cold wind blows over the Baekdudaegan Mountains. If it is dried at the seashore, it becomes a pollack, and if there is little precipitation and the sunlight is short, if the skin is dark, it becomes pollock. However, pollack dried over a mountain with a lot of snow and a large temperature difference between days becomes yellow pollack. Hwangtae is the product of a lot of snow and long hours of clear sunlight and fresh wind.

Pollack is a panacea. One pollack contains 20.3g of protein, 100mg of calcium, 202mg of phosphorus, 0.9mg of carbohydrate, and 4.2mg of iron, and contains abundant vitamins. It is a high-protein food with almost no cholesterol, accounting for 56% of the ingredients. Rich in amino acids including methionine, it improves liver function and has an excellent effect in resolving alcohol poisoning. It is also good as a diet food because it is high in protein and low in calories. The oil extracted from the liver contains vitamin A, so if you eat it frequently, your eyes will be bright, release various toxins accumulated in the body, and it will be excellent for urination.