Wando Green Laver 180g (100 sheets)

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Wando seaweed

Seaweed is harvested from November to April and is most produced in February. The taste and smell are excellent.

Seaweed, considered the best among seaweeds, is rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

One piece of seaweed contains vitamin A equivalent to two eggs, Wando-gun explained.

Vitamin B1 is more than vegetables and vitamin B2 is more than milk. Vitamin C is three times that of tangerines, and the protein content of dried laver is higher than that of soybeans.

Wando, the capital of the clean sea, produces thin and soft traditional laver, green laver with a unique green laver scent, stone laver with a light taste, thick and rough but savory giblet laver, and pole-type laver.

In particular, the 'Wando pole-style laver farming', which has been in operation for over 200 years and grows laver by installing pole trees on the tidal flat, was designated as National Important Fishery Heritage No. 5 by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in 2017.

As it is the hometown of laver, there are many anecdotes related to seaweed in Wando.

Among them, it is said that they did not eat seaweed well in the days when food was scarce, such as barley. It is said that it was difficult to find it because seaweed promoted the digestive function and hunger came quickly.

However, as the efficacy of laver is known, its value is recognized as a super food not only in Korea but also in the United States and Europe.