Pickled Garlic Leaves Myungyinamool

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Pickled Garlic Leaves Myungyinamool 

Pickled Myeongi herb, a kind of wild vegetable, is a popular side dish that has been proven to have antioxidant effects in Korea, right?

I made pickled vegetables by marinating them in non-salty soy sauce.

It's delicious when you grill meat, and it's delicious when you don't want to eat it with rice.

*매주 월요일 오전 9AM 주문시,돌아오는주 목요일 집앞으로 배달 or 픽업


산나물의 일종인 명이나물 장아찌는 한국에서도 항산화효과가 입증되어 인기가 많은 반찬이죠?

짜지않은 간장에 재워 장아찌를 만들었어요.

고기구워드실때 싸먹어도 맛있고, 입맛없을때 밥이랑 그냥 먹어도 맛있는 제품입니다.

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